Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Assam govt fails to control onion prices

Onion prices are bringing tears to the eyes of the consumers all over the country, more so in Assam because of the huge difference between the wholesale and retail prices and the State Government has totally failed to take effective steps to control the skyrocketing prices.

Traders here have attributed a poor crop at source to the rising onion prices in Assam and apprehend that the kitchen staple might push the half-century mark in the state's retail market in the days to come.

Onions have yet again dealt a blow to the common man's purse with retail prices of the commodity already pushing Rs 50-60 a kg in most markets in Assam.

Sources said that shortage of production in some onion producing areas of the country because of low rainfall is one of the reasons for the short supply and price rise. Moreover, during the first half of the year, when the prices were very low, the Government of India exported onion and now the government is planning to import at a much higher prices to tide over the situation.

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