Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Say Yes To Coffee!

Debates regarding the merits and demerits of Coffee seem to be ever continuing with the researchers and health experts making varied comments on the beverage from time to time. According to one group of researchers, the caffeine contained in coffee is not good for health and according to some, coffee has great health benefits. Now the recent opinion on coffee is that coffee do has its particular effects, but those effects on the human body is marginal and this means, man can drink coffee without fearing for any sort of adverse effect.

However, the researchers have also marked it that coffee’s effects may be felt by only a particular group people who belong to a particularly sensitive group. The researchers have also made it clear that coffee will not leave any effect on a person’s life in a noticeable way. Nor will it noticeably shorten a person’s life; neither will it make a person’s life noticeably longer.

Study on the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee have been taking place from time to time and this particular study observed way back in 1927, that many working-class children who drank a cup or more of coffee per day, did not undergo any harmful result.

Another study conducted in 1952 found that coffee fed throughout life has no unfavourable effect, but the research in 1986 observed that drinking five or more cups of coffee per day nearly tripled the risk of coronary heart disease. However, this will also have to be added here that not only coffee can be held responsible for the increase in heart diseases, because other factors like genetics, exercise, smoking, stress, and diet also play roles in this.

However, the researchers are now of the opinion that coffee prevents cancer, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and staves off diabetes.

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The Bollywood Stars Who Has Made Place in Highest-Paid Celebrities List of Forbes

Forbes magazine has presented its list of 100 highest-paid celebrities in the world and a few Indian celebrities are also there who has been able to make a place among the top 100 people in the world. As announced by the magazine, Indian Hindi film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are the ones who have represented the Bollywood in the Forbes list. Another Indian celebrity, national cricket team skipper MS Dhoni is also given a place amongst the highest paid celebrities.  

However, the celebrity occupying the number one position as the highest earner among all other celebrities across the world is the American boxer Floyd Mayweather. The American boxer has a total earning of 300 million dollars and this makes him to rule in the top spot. Our Indian celebrities, Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan have settled to share the 71st rank as both the celebs have earnings of 33.5 million dollars each. Another Indian actor Akshay Kumar has been able to secure the 76th spot with earnings of USD 32.5 million. Indian skipper MS Dhoni is ranked 82nd with earnings of USD 31 million dollars.

It is to be noted here that the other two Khans of Bollywood, Shahrukh and Amir Khan have not made it to the list and also none of the Indian Film actresses are there in the list.

Forbes magazine has been making the top 100 people of the world list every year in several categories and have been releasing these annually to highlight their progress and fall of the people, countries and companies etc. The ranking of the top 100 highest paid celebrities too is a part of its researches. 

Forbes said, "The result is a more accurate reflection of the current entertainment landscape, a 21st century reality where Bollywood's biggest stars (Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, USD 33.5 million apiece) earn more than some Hollywood A-listers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Channing Tatum, USD 29 million apiece).

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Don’t Stare At The Monkeys In Zoo: You Are Irritating Them!

Do you enjoy watching the monkeys in the zoo? You may enjoy it, but to speak the truth, the monkeys do not enjoy it at all! A recent study on the monkeys kept in the zoo has stated that the monkeys get irritated and annoyed when they are being stared and observed by the spectators at the zoos.

The research on the zoo monkeys, carried out by experts from the University of Melbourne, have put light on certain such matters which were never being realized by anyone before that monkeys so dislike it to be observed by the spectators and how they hate the idea of being kept for exhibition in the zoos. The research says, that on being observed for long, the monkeys scratch themselves and act aggressively and actually, feels more relaxed and pleasant when nobody is watching them.

Why only with monkeys, this is a common behaviour of man as well that nobody likes to be stared long by anyone. How would you feel if a man keeps staring at you while you are waiting for someone or are sitting somewhere and same is the thing with the monkeys!

Not only irritated, in fact, the monkeys react badly and get stressed as well, whenever the notices that people are staring at them. This makes them get angry and affects their health.

Sally Sherwen, the lead author of the study and professor of the University of Melbourne, stated that when the money gets aggressive it, ‘typically … most or all individuals would quickly rush towards the commotion and become involved, making it difficult to accurately determine the initiator or the recipient of aggression’.

Details on the study are published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science. It is stated in the journal: ‘These findings also raise a possible dilemma for the zoo industry between enhancing animal welfare … and providing for visitor experience.’

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Your Love for Ripe Mangoes May Invite the Threat of Cancer

How many of you cannot overlook the very tempting call of the ripe mangoes that have started being showcased in a load in the market? Summer and the ripe yellow, juicy mangoes have a very inseparable relation right. Whether you get a scoop of mango ice-cream, some pieces or slices of mangoes or simply suck its juicy pulp and get as a shake, mangoes can just very well beat the heat and rarely can there be anyone who would not like to pamper himself with such a tasty treat. But, despite your craze for this season’s fruit, this would be just very timely and essential to warn you that the artificial process of ripening the mangoes is not good for the mango eaters and this can be so dangerous that it can even make you fall prey to the deadly disease cancer.

As an artificial chemical is widely used for ripening mangoes at a short span of time, this chemical turns out to be a poison for the person who eats such an artificially ripened mango. This chemical is being recognized as calcium carbide (CaC2) which contains arsenic and phosphorus and both of these chemical components are fatal to human beings. CaC2 is known as an agent having the ability to alter human cells into cancerous cells and it is for this perilous effect of this chemical, it is banned in many countries, including India. But despite the bans, this chemical is freely used across the country to ripen fruits such as mangoes, watermelons, bananas etc.

Delhi-based skin specialist Dr AK Dadhwal said, "Calcium carbide leads to skin allergies and rashes and at times can also cause a severe disease like skin cancer. Since most of the fruits procured from the market are artificially ripened, the only way to skim the carbide content is to wash the fruits properly. The use of this chemical should be stopped completely in order to wipe out the risk of cancerous diseases."

This is why, the doctors in India suggest people to buy mangoes from noted stores like Mother Dairy Safal.

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U.K. Based Newspaper Terms Asha Bhosle as the Greatest Playback Artist

As ranked by the U.K. based Eastern Eye newspaper, Asha Bhosle is named as the great playback artist of all time. The newspaper has even kept Bhosle one step ahead of her elder sister, the nightingale of Indian music, Lata Mangeshkar. Asha Bhosle, with her inimitable singing and uncountable contributions to the Indian music and to the Hindi film industry, well deserves to be termed as the best and greatest singer of all time.   
In the race to be termed as the  greatest singer, Asha Bhosle even trailed other prominent and talented Indian singers like Mohd Rafi and Kishore Kumar. Lata Mangeshkar came second in the list, Rafi third and Kishore was fourth. Remarkably, Asha Bhosle, at the age of 81, is still going green and lively and yet carrying her music practices with the same vigour and fervour as was once felt.

Bhosle is being honoured with the top spot in the ranking of the best playback artist on the basis of the number of songs she has sung, honours she has received, her international impact, her versatility, her fan base and the popularity she carries amongst fellow music industry professionals. Although, Lata Mangeshkar is known for more melodious a voice and some great songs, the reason for Asha Bhosle surpassing Lata can also be counted as Asha’s ability to carry forward her music practices longer than her elder sister.

Asha said, “I thought being called the greatest was the prerogative of boxer Muhammad Ali. I thank Eastern Eye and everyone for tolerating me all these years.”

Some other all time favourite and popular singers listed by the newspaper include Mukesh (5), Shreya Ghoshal (7), Geeta Dutt (10), Sonu Nigam (14), Kumar Sanu (17) and Kavita Krishnamurthy (19).

Eastern Eye entertainment editor Asjad Nazir, who compiled the list said, “Asha was a deserved choice to top the list. An incredible career stretching across eight decades has seen the record-breaking singer take Bollywood music across new frontiers and with Brimful Of Asha had a globally successful chart-topping song dedicated to her.”

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Now Get SMS Alerts from Railway for Cancelled Trains

Indian Railways have started a new customer-friendly service from now on and as stated by it, the passengers will be informed through SMS alerts, in case, their train is being cancelled. The recent efforts put by the Indian railway to make sure that the passengers go through less harassments and problems while travelling through it, the railway ministry is doing everything and anything possible. However, it is noticed that the Railway ministry is trying to make the Indian railways as techno-savvy as possible with many technology based inclusions since earlier this year.

According to this new facility, you will not have to suffer from the trauma of going to the railway station for a train in which you have booked ticket, with your entire luggage and then find that the train is cancelled. The harassment the passengers are made to go through in case of delayed or cancelled trains is beyond words and hence, the railway ministry is making things easy for the passengers by providing them with SMS alerts whenever the train is cancelled. For availing this SMS alert facility, the passengers will have to provide their mobile phone numbers in the ticket reservation slip. 

Railway Ministry spokesman Anil Kumar Saxena said, "We commenced the SMS-based service from June 21 on all India basis. Under this pilot project, the SMS messages are sent to those passengers who are boarding at originating station. At a later stage, this will be extended to cover en-route stations also.”

Saxena also added, "The SMS will be sent to the mobile number entered by the passenger in ticket reservation slips. The cancellation information would be sent in advance to the passengers to help them plan alternative arrangement. To avail this facility, passengers have to mention their mobile numbers on the ticket reservation slip."

One thing is sure that passengers travelling through the Indian railway will at least be relieved a little once this service actually comes into action. 

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Facebook Using a New Security Tool for Safe Computing of Users

Internet surfing is going to get even easier for the users now, especially for the Facebook users as the social media platform, has announced that it is using a new security tool to help detect and remove malicious software from the computers of its users. This is something really new and useful that Facebook is doing lately with its users and one must be grateful to the social networking site for ensuring safe and protected computing experience to its users.

Facebook, the undisputed and the world’s biggest social network, is introducing new and advanced features every now and then and then came its latest announcement on Tuesday that it has collaborated with Kaspersky for ensuring a protected internet and computer using experience of its users. As stated by Facebook, not only with Kaspersky, but with other online security firms, including ESET, F-Secure and Trend Micro are also being contacted and merged for ensuring a malware free computer using.

Trevor Pottinger, a Facebook security engineer, states, “Thanks to the collaboration with these companies, in the past three months we have helped clean up more than two million people’s computers that we detected were infected with malware when they connected to Facebook. In these cases, we present a cleanup tool that runs in the background while you continue using Facebook, and you get a notification when the scan is done to show you what it found.”

Pottinger also that the program uses “a combination of signals to help find infections and get the malware off of your computer for good, even if the malware isn’t actively spreading spam or harmful links.”

This is a common scene to find the Facebook users being targeted in online fraud schemes such as “phishing,” and this has compelled Facebook and Kaspersky to work together to relieve the Facebook users.

Kate Kochetkova of the Kaspersky Lab said, “Facebook is a major aim for phishers: one in five phishing scams targets Facebook notifications. So be vigilant when you receive emails appearing to be from Facebook: as they can be fake. There are lots of Trojans targeting Facebook users as well.”

Well, from now on you will not have to bother about being attacked by malwares as Faceook is there, of course, to take care of your computer.


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A Win Finally!

Wish, this was the first ODI between India and Bangladesh and India is making this grand start. But alas, that was just a fantasy because the ODI series in Bangladesh is over now and India has secured only one win in the three-day match overall. Scoring 317 for 6, India somehow made it sure that it did not get Banglawashed by its comparatively weaker opponent. With Dhawan and Dhoni making countable runs, India made it sure that at least the third match of the series is not being snatched from them by the Banglas. 

With Dhawan and Dhoni’S 75 and 69 runs respectively, India gave a target of 317 to Bangladesh in reply to which Bangladesh could score 240 only with Sabbir 43 and Sarkar 40. Among the Indian bowlers, Raina took 3 for 45 runs. Though the starting by the Banglas was hopeful and encouraging, but the loss of too many wickets by the 30th over broke the backbone of the team to be able to meet the target. With this latest loss on home ground, Bangladesh's winning streak at home stopped at 10 matches which is pretty praiseworthy and inspirational for the team to hope for further better performances in the future.

Amidst the great confusions and debates over Dhoni’s captainship and creating doubts regarding Dhoni’s decision of whether or not to continue being the skipper of the national team, Dhoni has finally been able to overcome all his mental disturbances and stand against all odds. A score of 69 runs in 77 balls while batting at No. 4 is an instance of that only.

The wickets of Mushfiqur Rahim and Shakib Al Hasan were crucial and Suresh Raina played a great match on his part by taking these two and a total of three wickets in the match.

Overall, India won the last match and lost the series to Bangladesh by 2-1. 


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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tough Time for the National Cricket Team

India has already lost the first two ODIs against Bangladesh in the three-match series and this has raised great conflict and debates among the fans and cricket critics who have also pointed a finger at the ODI skipper Dhoni. For some, Dhoni is incapable of leading his team towards a win and for some Dhoni is disturbed enough to concentrate on the tactics that are required to combat the opponents both physically and mentally. Amidst the rising protest against Dhoni and the demands for removing him from the captainship, many veteran former Indian cricketers and coaches have come up in support of the Captain Cool and have claimed that it is not Dhoni’s fault as a whole to lose the two ODIs against a team of minor qualities and capabilities.

Former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has stood up in support of Dhoni and says that the decision of being in the captainship or resigning from it is all up to Dhoni and nobody should force or influence him in that.

Gavaskar said, "It is a decision he has to take. Look, you can't take away the achievements from him. He is India's best captain by far. He has done almost everything, be it, T20, ODIs, Champions Trophy or World Cup. He took India to the number one ranking in Tests. So his achievement is manifold."

Chanchal Bhattacharya, the childhood coach of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is of the opinion that the prevailing atmosphere in the dressing room has greatly affected the skipper. Bhattacharya said, “I don’t know the inside story but we have seen Dhoni play and fight till the last over. If one’s mind is not at peace then it is impossible to play. He is unable to deliver his best because of mental pressure and because of the dressing room’s environment as well as the media. I haven’t spoken to him but I feel the environment of the dressing room is bad.”

Bangladesh scored a six-wicket win over India in Dhaka in the last ODI and this has fuelled up all the controversies regarding the eligibility of Dhoni. But in reality it is totally baseless as in comparison to the wins and good days that Dhoni has brought to the team India, this defeat means nothing. 


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Why Food at Parliament Canteen Sold at Huge Subsidized Rates

76 mouth watering dishes ranging, spicy food, masala dosa, varieties in non.veg and veg. dishes and many more are there in the Parliament canteens that you can get at rates that one would perhaps be served at least a fifty years ago. Living at this age of sky high prices of goods and food items and the rocketing prices of things with every passing day making life miserable for the common people, the Members of Parliament are relishing on foods at prices that will leave your jaw dropped. They are the highest salary earners from the government and it is them who are the least payers when it comes to paying for the food they have gorged on. How is this possible and why is this so?

Much to everybody’s amazement and a normal matter inside the parliament campus, on entering into the Parliament canteen, you can relish on a platter of 'fish fried with chips' just at Rs 25, mutton cutlet at Rs 18, oiled vegetables at Rs 5, mutton curry with bone at Rs 20 and masala dosa at Rs 6 and this is because the rates of these food items are being subsidized by 63 per cent, 65 per cent, 83 per cent, 67 per cent and 75 per cent, respectively. Also, the most commonly ordered and devoured platter like the 'puri sabji' is being sold at 88 per cent subsidized rates and this is a common thing in the Parliament canteen. Can you ever wonder as to where on earth will you find such cheap and mouth-watering dishes? Well, the answer is India’s Parliament canteen.

The MPs earning more than Rs 1.4 lakh with perks, are being served foods at prices as if they are on disaster relief and are only making a certain token as payment in exchange of the food. A reply to an RTI shows that the Parliament canteens serving to Members of Parliament got a total subsidy of Rs 60.7 crore during last five years. If the cost of preparing a dish like stew vegetables comes to about Rs 41.25, the MPs are getting it for Rs 4 and this shows a subsidy of about 90 per cent.

RTI activist Subhash Agrawal says, "It refers to shocking RTI response revealing that certain food-items like stew-vegetables at Parliament canteens are sold even at just one-tenth of cost of raw-materials used (sale-price Rs 4 against raw-material cost of Rs 41.25) in preparing these with preparation-cost, staff-salary and other overheads not included in such cost."

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Islamic Nations all over the world extended support to International Day of Yoga

Amidst great excitement and the huge response from participants across the world, the International Day of Yoga got observed, practiced and loved all over the world and this has once again proved the universality of the Indian meditating therapy that has been practiced in our country since ages. In addition to creating a new Guinness World Record by performing yoga on the Rajpath with a huge number of participants uniting and uniformly practicing yoga along with the PM Modi; record was set by the Islamic nations as well who came out together to show their acceptance and support for the international event and performed yoga.

Notably, 47 Islamic nations have showed their positive response to the UN declaration of International Day of Yoga and accordingly performed the meditation session in harmony with the rest of the countries of the world. These 47 Islamic nations are among the 177 nations who had co-sponsored the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) along with India to establish June 21 as “International Day of Yoga.”

The notable names in the Islamic nations who supported the Yoga Day are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, the UAE, Qatar and Oman. Whereas another eight members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), namely, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brunei, Mauritiana, Cameroon, Libya and Burkina Farso, did not co-sponsor the event. 

However, there are some non-OIC member nations as well who did not co-sponsor the Yoga Day. Those include North Korea, Estonia, Namibia Swaziland, Switzerland, Monaco, Solomon Islands and Zambia.

On the other hand, 1.1 million National Cadet Corps cadets performed nationwide “common yoga protocol”. The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) conducted the yoga protocol across the nation.

With India having two national institutes, namely, Morarji Desai National Institute for Yoga (MDNIY) in New Delhi and the National Institute of Naturopathy (NIN) in Pune and one Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN) dedicated to the upliftment of Yoga, the government has also proposed an ALL India Yoga Institute. 


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Government Warns Employees to Be Punctual at Work or Face Action

Modi government has completed one year of operation at the centre and as an immediate effect of that, the government has recently made it clear that it would not tolerate any sort of negligence or lack of punctuality in the official functions and wants its employees to be very sincere and timely in delivering their outputs. In fact, the new government has already been working on making its employees disciplined in the past one year and now it is going stricter than ever to have announced that official actions and punishments will also be taken up in case of those who shows lack of punctuality and lack of interest in their official responsibilities.

In a communication to all the central government ministries, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) made it clear on Monday: "Habitual late attendance is viewed as conduct unbecoming of a government servant and disciplinary action may be taken against such a government servant. It is also added that punctuality in attendance is to be observed by government servants at all levels".

With the PM MOdi and all his cabinet ministers being perfect examples of disciplined and punctual people at work, the government officials too are now expected and warned to be punctual at their work.

The note on punctuality of the officials and stuffs also stated, "Service rules stipulate that every government servant shall at all times maintain devotion to duty. Responsibility for ensuring punctuality in respect of their employees rests within ministries, departments or offices." The DoPT also emphasized that this is not the first time that the employees are being told to respect timings.

A senior DoPT official said, "There have been instances of tardiness by employees in coming to offices. The ministries have been asked to ensure that all employees mark their attendance through the biometric system and take action against habitual offenders."

As there are about 48 lakh central government employees working across the country, it will now be notable as to how effective the latest commands on punctuality will be and how would the government employees respond to this warning. 


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