Monday, 29 June 2015

Don’t Stare At The Monkeys In Zoo: You Are Irritating Them!

Do you enjoy watching the monkeys in the zoo? You may enjoy it, but to speak the truth, the monkeys do not enjoy it at all! A recent study on the monkeys kept in the zoo has stated that the monkeys get irritated and annoyed when they are being stared and observed by the spectators at the zoos.

The research on the zoo monkeys, carried out by experts from the University of Melbourne, have put light on certain such matters which were never being realized by anyone before that monkeys so dislike it to be observed by the spectators and how they hate the idea of being kept for exhibition in the zoos. The research says, that on being observed for long, the monkeys scratch themselves and act aggressively and actually, feels more relaxed and pleasant when nobody is watching them.

Why only with monkeys, this is a common behaviour of man as well that nobody likes to be stared long by anyone. How would you feel if a man keeps staring at you while you are waiting for someone or are sitting somewhere and same is the thing with the monkeys!

Not only irritated, in fact, the monkeys react badly and get stressed as well, whenever the notices that people are staring at them. This makes them get angry and affects their health.

Sally Sherwen, the lead author of the study and professor of the University of Melbourne, stated that when the money gets aggressive it, ‘typically … most or all individuals would quickly rush towards the commotion and become involved, making it difficult to accurately determine the initiator or the recipient of aggression’.

Details on the study are published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science. It is stated in the journal: ‘These findings also raise a possible dilemma for the zoo industry between enhancing animal welfare … and providing for visitor experience.’

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