Monday, 29 June 2015

Your Love for Ripe Mangoes May Invite the Threat of Cancer

How many of you cannot overlook the very tempting call of the ripe mangoes that have started being showcased in a load in the market? Summer and the ripe yellow, juicy mangoes have a very inseparable relation right. Whether you get a scoop of mango ice-cream, some pieces or slices of mangoes or simply suck its juicy pulp and get as a shake, mangoes can just very well beat the heat and rarely can there be anyone who would not like to pamper himself with such a tasty treat. But, despite your craze for this season’s fruit, this would be just very timely and essential to warn you that the artificial process of ripening the mangoes is not good for the mango eaters and this can be so dangerous that it can even make you fall prey to the deadly disease cancer.

As an artificial chemical is widely used for ripening mangoes at a short span of time, this chemical turns out to be a poison for the person who eats such an artificially ripened mango. This chemical is being recognized as calcium carbide (CaC2) which contains arsenic and phosphorus and both of these chemical components are fatal to human beings. CaC2 is known as an agent having the ability to alter human cells into cancerous cells and it is for this perilous effect of this chemical, it is banned in many countries, including India. But despite the bans, this chemical is freely used across the country to ripen fruits such as mangoes, watermelons, bananas etc.

Delhi-based skin specialist Dr AK Dadhwal said, "Calcium carbide leads to skin allergies and rashes and at times can also cause a severe disease like skin cancer. Since most of the fruits procured from the market are artificially ripened, the only way to skim the carbide content is to wash the fruits properly. The use of this chemical should be stopped completely in order to wipe out the risk of cancerous diseases."

This is why, the doctors in India suggest people to buy mangoes from noted stores like Mother Dairy Safal.

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