Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Government Warns Employees to Be Punctual at Work or Face Action

Modi government has completed one year of operation at the centre and as an immediate effect of that, the government has recently made it clear that it would not tolerate any sort of negligence or lack of punctuality in the official functions and wants its employees to be very sincere and timely in delivering their outputs. In fact, the new government has already been working on making its employees disciplined in the past one year and now it is going stricter than ever to have announced that official actions and punishments will also be taken up in case of those who shows lack of punctuality and lack of interest in their official responsibilities.

In a communication to all the central government ministries, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) made it clear on Monday: "Habitual late attendance is viewed as conduct unbecoming of a government servant and disciplinary action may be taken against such a government servant. It is also added that punctuality in attendance is to be observed by government servants at all levels".

With the PM MOdi and all his cabinet ministers being perfect examples of disciplined and punctual people at work, the government officials too are now expected and warned to be punctual at their work.

The note on punctuality of the officials and stuffs also stated, "Service rules stipulate that every government servant shall at all times maintain devotion to duty. Responsibility for ensuring punctuality in respect of their employees rests within ministries, departments or offices." The DoPT also emphasized that this is not the first time that the employees are being told to respect timings.

A senior DoPT official said, "There have been instances of tardiness by employees in coming to offices. The ministries have been asked to ensure that all employees mark their attendance through the biometric system and take action against habitual offenders."

As there are about 48 lakh central government employees working across the country, it will now be notable as to how effective the latest commands on punctuality will be and how would the government employees respond to this warning. 


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