Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Say Yes To Coffee!

Debates regarding the merits and demerits of Coffee seem to be ever continuing with the researchers and health experts making varied comments on the beverage from time to time. According to one group of researchers, the caffeine contained in coffee is not good for health and according to some, coffee has great health benefits. Now the recent opinion on coffee is that coffee do has its particular effects, but those effects on the human body is marginal and this means, man can drink coffee without fearing for any sort of adverse effect.

However, the researchers have also marked it that coffee’s effects may be felt by only a particular group people who belong to a particularly sensitive group. The researchers have also made it clear that coffee will not leave any effect on a person’s life in a noticeable way. Nor will it noticeably shorten a person’s life; neither will it make a person’s life noticeably longer.

Study on the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee have been taking place from time to time and this particular study observed way back in 1927, that many working-class children who drank a cup or more of coffee per day, did not undergo any harmful result.

Another study conducted in 1952 found that coffee fed throughout life has no unfavourable effect, but the research in 1986 observed that drinking five or more cups of coffee per day nearly tripled the risk of coronary heart disease. However, this will also have to be added here that not only coffee can be held responsible for the increase in heart diseases, because other factors like genetics, exercise, smoking, stress, and diet also play roles in this.

However, the researchers are now of the opinion that coffee prevents cancer, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and staves off diabetes.

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