Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Why Food at Parliament Canteen Sold at Huge Subsidized Rates

76 mouth watering dishes ranging, spicy food, masala dosa, varieties in non.veg and veg. dishes and many more are there in the Parliament canteens that you can get at rates that one would perhaps be served at least a fifty years ago. Living at this age of sky high prices of goods and food items and the rocketing prices of things with every passing day making life miserable for the common people, the Members of Parliament are relishing on foods at prices that will leave your jaw dropped. They are the highest salary earners from the government and it is them who are the least payers when it comes to paying for the food they have gorged on. How is this possible and why is this so?

Much to everybody’s amazement and a normal matter inside the parliament campus, on entering into the Parliament canteen, you can relish on a platter of 'fish fried with chips' just at Rs 25, mutton cutlet at Rs 18, oiled vegetables at Rs 5, mutton curry with bone at Rs 20 and masala dosa at Rs 6 and this is because the rates of these food items are being subsidized by 63 per cent, 65 per cent, 83 per cent, 67 per cent and 75 per cent, respectively. Also, the most commonly ordered and devoured platter like the 'puri sabji' is being sold at 88 per cent subsidized rates and this is a common thing in the Parliament canteen. Can you ever wonder as to where on earth will you find such cheap and mouth-watering dishes? Well, the answer is India’s Parliament canteen.

The MPs earning more than Rs 1.4 lakh with perks, are being served foods at prices as if they are on disaster relief and are only making a certain token as payment in exchange of the food. A reply to an RTI shows that the Parliament canteens serving to Members of Parliament got a total subsidy of Rs 60.7 crore during last five years. If the cost of preparing a dish like stew vegetables comes to about Rs 41.25, the MPs are getting it for Rs 4 and this shows a subsidy of about 90 per cent.

RTI activist Subhash Agrawal says, "It refers to shocking RTI response revealing that certain food-items like stew-vegetables at Parliament canteens are sold even at just one-tenth of cost of raw-materials used (sale-price Rs 4 against raw-material cost of Rs 41.25) in preparing these with preparation-cost, staff-salary and other overheads not included in such cost."

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