Friday, 26 June 2015

Now Get SMS Alerts from Railway for Cancelled Trains

Indian Railways have started a new customer-friendly service from now on and as stated by it, the passengers will be informed through SMS alerts, in case, their train is being cancelled. The recent efforts put by the Indian railway to make sure that the passengers go through less harassments and problems while travelling through it, the railway ministry is doing everything and anything possible. However, it is noticed that the Railway ministry is trying to make the Indian railways as techno-savvy as possible with many technology based inclusions since earlier this year.

According to this new facility, you will not have to suffer from the trauma of going to the railway station for a train in which you have booked ticket, with your entire luggage and then find that the train is cancelled. The harassment the passengers are made to go through in case of delayed or cancelled trains is beyond words and hence, the railway ministry is making things easy for the passengers by providing them with SMS alerts whenever the train is cancelled. For availing this SMS alert facility, the passengers will have to provide their mobile phone numbers in the ticket reservation slip. 

Railway Ministry spokesman Anil Kumar Saxena said, "We commenced the SMS-based service from June 21 on all India basis. Under this pilot project, the SMS messages are sent to those passengers who are boarding at originating station. At a later stage, this will be extended to cover en-route stations also.”

Saxena also added, "The SMS will be sent to the mobile number entered by the passenger in ticket reservation slips. The cancellation information would be sent in advance to the passengers to help them plan alternative arrangement. To avail this facility, passengers have to mention their mobile numbers on the ticket reservation slip."

One thing is sure that passengers travelling through the Indian railway will at least be relieved a little once this service actually comes into action. 

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