Tuesday, 7 July 2015

12th best technology-rich city in the world- Bangalore

As declared during a survey conducted by global property consultant Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Bangalore has attained the 12th rank among the top 20 technology-rich cities in the world. The Indian city, a technology hub of the country, is much deserved to be ranked on international platforms and this new achievement by the Indian city just during the Digital India Week celebrations is a sign of great technological advancement.
JLL India Chairman and Country Head Anuj Puri said, "Bangalore has helped India debut on the 'City Momentum Index' Top 20 list –- an annual survey carried out by JLL globally. Reinforcing the city's status of being one of India's premier technology centres, Bangalore figures at No. 12 in the Top 20 technology-rich cities globally."

The top three ranks in the list of the Top 20 technology-rich cities are occupied by London, San Jose and Beijing. Although not the top 10 ranks, still achieving the 12th rank too is a great triumph of the Indian city as hundreds of many other cities are there who even could not manage to come in the top 20.

The credit for the city to able to obtain the 12th position in the list goes to its good economic growth, investments in infrastructure, presence of start-ups and significant supply of prime office space. Bangalore is the home to many leading companies, offices and firms which have been contributing greatly towards advancing technology and the techno-industry that took place in the city is one of the main factors to attract attention of the international techno-companies.     

Puri also added, "Bangalore performs strongly on these measures, with its capacity for innovation leading to the largest number of international patent applications in India. An increase in the number of high-tech start-ups registered in the city over the past year has also helped boost Bangalore’s score, reflecting its strengths in innovation and depth of venture capital funding."

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