Monday, 6 July 2015

Nestle Maggi found safe to eat in Canada

Although Nestle Maggi is being discarded as hazardous by the Indian food testing department, the noodle has passed the food safety test in Canada and with this, it is ensured that the India made noodle will be exported to the country and people are safe to consume it in Canada. This has been announced by the Canadian food regulator on Friday that Nestle India Maggi noodle products are safe for consumption.

The food regulator said, "The Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) investigation did not find any health risk associated with the consumption of Maggi brand noodle products sold in Canada. We are continuing to monitor the situation in India and working with our international regulatory partners."

However, not only in Canada, last month Singapore also gave green signal to the India manufactured noodle brand and the Singapore food regulator had declared Maggi noodles from India as safe for consumption.

Hence, the Maggi manufacturer is certainly relieved a bit with the export rights being still available to them and also with the support of the countries in the alliance for exporting the noodle, welcoming the noodle by declaring it as good to eat. The Bombay High Court has also allowed Nestle to export Maggi to other countries.

At the same time, a food safety test conducted by Britain's Food Standards Authority (FSA) has found that although the noodle showed levels of lead in the product, but it is well within the European Union (EU) permissible levels and this is why; consumers are safe to eat it.

In India, the noodle is still banned from being sold and eaten as the food regulator in India had banned it on June 5 after high amount of lead and chemical monosodium glutamate were found in it. According to the food regulator in India eating the Maggi noodles is declared "unsafe and hazardous". 

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