Friday, 31 July 2015

Assam government bans Annapurna chilli sauce, Niyor drinking water

Assam government has banned two local products for 30 days after it found they contained benzoic acid and fluoride beyond permissible limits.

The two products — a sauce brand and packaged drinking water — were found substandard after initial tests were conducted at the state health laboratory. Samples of the two products were then sent to the Referral Food Laboratory in Ghaziabad, where it was declared that the two samples had excess amount of benzoic acid and fluoride.

Manufactured by M/S Satez Agro Products Private Limited, a sample of Annapurna Chilly Sauce had a high amount of benzoic acid, while samples of Niyor packaged drinking water revealed the presence of excess fluoride. Excess use of the acid can lead to cancer, liver and kidney ailments.

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