Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Security tightened as woman accused of witch-hunt beheaded in Biswanath

Security has been tightened at Bhimjuli village in Biswanath following Monday’s incident in which villagers killed a 63-year-old woman after suspecting her to be a witch. Adequate police force has been deployed in the village to ensure that there was no backlash.

Meanwhile, protests were held at several places across Assam against the incident. Many organizations demanded strict actions to stop the menace.

Local MLA Prabin Hazarika visited the village on Tuesday.

The elderly tea-tribe woman was found hacked to death and buried by a stream in suspect to be linked to black magic and witchcraft in Assam-Arunachal border at Sonitpur district.

A police spokesperson said that the body of Pani Orang was found buried under a mound of sand close to a stream.

Local people said the killings were driven by superstitious beliefs.

Witch-hunting is a evil practice, and superstition still exists among some communities in Assam. The government had off late said it would bring an act with more punitive actions to check the menace.

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