Thursday, 2 July 2015

Black Tea in Controlling Diabetes

Tea is already known as a useful and healthy daily beverage, rich in antioxidants, source of immunity and a great drink for refreshing the mind, body and the mood. Researchers have now come to this conclusion that tea, especially black tea has such useful components in it which can be used in controlling diabetes. So, with this new finding, a new benefit of the beverage gets added to its list of qualities.

Tea is also being found to have antihypertensive properties, for which it has today turned into a necessary health drink for everybody at this age of pollution, hustle and bustle and busy day schedules. The much needed immunity, mind and body boosting energy and the refreshment of the brain is derived right from a cup of black tea and this makes it an essential drink for everybody, irrespective of the urban or rural lifestyle.

The scientists from the Tianjin Key Laboratory in China have tested the polysaccharide levels of green, oolong and black teas to see if there is any beneficial value for diabetes in these types of teas. As Polysaccharides is a type of carbohydrate that includes starch and cellulose and this may benefit diabetes patients because it helps in retard absorption of glucose.

The researchers could see that of the three types of teas, black tea is the one that has the most glucose-inhibiting properties and the polysaccharides level in it has the highest scavenging effect on free radicals. Such free radicals are involved in the onset of diseases such as cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. This indicates that the black tea has great medicinal value is helpful in controlling the diabetes along with also working as a preventive force against cancer and arthritis. 

Lead researcher Haixia Chen said, “Many efforts have been made to search for effective glucose inhibitors from natural materials. There is a potential for exploitation of black tea polysaccharide in managing diabetes.”

The research details are published in the Journal of Food Science, a journal by the Institute of Food Technologists.

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